Styling a House with Black Trim Coil and 8 Impressive Examples

The exterior of your home is the first thing visitors see, so its appearance shouldn’t be overlooked. Having an attractive home exterior is not only about impressing people — it is a way to increase your home's curb appeal and add value, which is especially beneficial if you plan on selling in the future.

Most homeowners automatically jump to big projects, like roofing or siding, if they try to update their home’s appearance. While those bigger projects can be beneficial, it doesn't have to be such a significant change to add appeal. Something as simple as installing trim coil can help create a more attractive exterior, especially if you choose trim coil in a timeless yet bold color like black.

What is Trim Coil?

Black Trim Coil: Styling Tips & 8 Impressive Examples

Trim coil is thin sheets of coated aluminum that can be fitted over any exposed wood trim on your home. It provides a more durable and protective alternative to painting or staining the trim while also enhancing the home's exterior.

Unlike uncovered wood trim, trim coil has minimal maintenance requirements. Once installed, it will require an occasional cleaning with the watering hose. You won't have to worry about color fading, scratches or other damage from the elements.

How to Use Trim Coil

Trim coil is a versatile material that can be applied over any exterior trim on your home that is exposed to the elements. Some common areas where trim coil is used include the frieze board, fascia, outside corner, window casements with built-in J channels and window sills. Installing trim coil provides vital protection by preventing water from seeping into the home where it can cause costly water damage.

While the primary purpose is protection, trim coil has another significant benefit: visual appeal. It can take a simple exterior and add a new level of interest that enhances the overall appearance and hides imperfections in the wood. In addition, trim coil requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t need to be repainted.

The Benefits of Black Trim Coil

Trim coil comes in many colors, from bold options like reds, greens, blues and yellows to neutrals like browns and beige. The wide selection makes customizing your trim coil to match your home easy. However, it can also be overwhelming. Sticking with a classic, neutral color is an easy solution that complements any home. Black trim coil is an excellent option with many benefits.

According to color psychology, black can convey feelings of elegance, sophistication and power. Using black as your exterior trim color can bring these factors into the design to give your home a sophisticated appearance that can help boost curb appeal.

Black trim also creates contrast, especially when used with light-colored siding. A cream-colored house with black trim will have more visual appeal than a light-colored one. The contrast will also help to draw the eye to certain focal features, like the windows, which can highlight how much natural light enters the home.

8 Black Trim Coil Design Ideas

It is one thing to read about the benefits of black trim — it is another to it in action. Here are some houses that used black trim coil to enhance the home:

1. Simple Yet Satisfying

8 Black Trim Coil Design Ideas

The house above kept things simple with the design. The black trim coil is along the fascia to contrast with the white siding with white window trim. Black gutters line either side of the house that match the trim coil perfectly to create a border effect along the front of the home. Combined with the other black details like the door and shutters, you are left with a clean, sophisticated appearance with what would otherwise be a simple home.

2. Using Windows for Balance

Using Windows for Balance

This beautiful two-story home uses its large array of windows to balance all of the white with black trim coil. Even though the home adheres to the classic bright and light white often found in coastal locales, the very slight addition of black to the windows helps to make it pop and give a modern look.

3. Black and White with Rustic Accent Elements

Black and White with Rustic Accent Elements

This small and simple house is elevated by sharp contrast and accent elements. Classic white lap siding is paired with black trim coil on the front-facing gable fascia and windows make a great statement as is, but the choice to add a dark wooden door and light stone fireplace adds an attractive aesthetic zest. Paired with colorful plants in front, it’s another great example of going above and beyond with a simple base.

4. Multi-Siding, Wood Accents and Black Trim

Multi-Siding, Wood Accents and Black Trim

This house has white vinyl siding mixed with gray paneling with rich, dark wood accent walls and unique soffit to match, creating a wonderful mid-century modern feel. It may have been disjointed if not for the black trim coil added to the windows and roof fascia. The designer put it all together crafting a pseudo-board and batten pattern with the panels, but utilizing black for the batten.

5. A Classic Color Scheme

A Classic Color Scheme

This house combines three classic home colors into its exterior design. The roof is a beautiful gray with brick chimneys while the vinyl siding is a clean white. It creates a traditional look that makes it look grand. Black trim coil on the fascia and black trimmed windows add to the grandeur, creating a home that impresses anyone! The combination never goes out of style — just like that wrap-around porch with gorgeous black railing!

6. Skip the White Exterior

Skip the White Exterior

Many homeowners opt for white siding when trimming with black, but it isn't the only option. This homeowner opted to pair their brick home with black trim coil and shutters. This effortlessly ties the entire look together, adding a touch of modernism to a classic, colonial-style house!

7. Black Trim Works on All Styles, Even the Modern

Black Trim Works on All Styles, Even the Modern

The contrast of black and white highlights a sense of perfection and balance, just like the straight lines and squares found in modern home designs. This modern home employs off-white stucco with black trimmed windows and black banisters, drawing attention from top to bottom. Despite the modern style of the architecture, having the off-white almost tan stucco softens its hard angles, while the black balances the color and brings it all home.

8. Black Trim Ties Different Siding Materials Together

Black Trim Ties Different Siding Materials Together

This gorgeous home’s exterior combines two different materials — brick and wood lap siding. The entrance is brick, and most of the exterior is a striking dark gray, with a fun back-and-forth of brick-matching shutters and black shutters.

While these two different materials could potentially clash if not blended correctly, the black trim perfectly ties together the two sidings, creating a seamless and cohesive design.

A Look at How Light Trim Doesn't Always Work

Light-colored trim can be a great option on darker-colored houses, but when you have a white or cream house, it can easily get lost and create a bland exterior. Here are two examples to illustrate this.

1. White and White Trim

White and White Trim

The house above has virtually no contrast, aside from the shutters and the small section of blue siding. While the siding and trim are slightly different, it just doesn’t pop the way our previous examples did with black. While the blue accent wall tries to add a pop of color to the home, it almost appears out of place whereas black trim would have added a bold color contrast to amplify the overall design.

2. Monotonous Colors

Monotonous Colors

This home offers more balance than the previous example, although it remains plain. Various elements, including the three different window styles and their misaligned trim styles, make this home’s design confusing and inconsistent.

Even with the recessed gables, if the home had matched all of its windows and utilized black trim coil, as well as a black archway on the porch, it would have made for a much more engaging and balanced exterior.

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