High Performance Products from State of the Art Facility

Our Manufacturing Facility

Designed to optimize natural light, our facility features over 40 skylights to help brighten our 300,000 square foot, state of the art, facility located in Elk Grove Village, IL- the only place where Alsco products are fabricated.
By manufacturing our own products we are able to optimize every element of the manufacturing process to give you products that deliver unbeatable performance and value. Materials are slit to size, painted and formed on site. All this allows us to control specifications and increase overall precision.


Only the best coatings are applied to Alsco products using our on-site paint line. Alsco is one of a very limited group of manufacturers that have the ability to paint on-site. Painting on site ensures consistency of color across all product categories so your soffit will perfectly match your rainware and drip edge for a seamless look.


To make top quality products you need top quality equipment. This is why we’ve invested in dedicated industrial grade equipment. Dedicated equipment means our machines make the same part all day, every day – ensuring products are consistently formed time after time. Also, our machinery is engineered with the optimum number of roll forming stations as to not change the quality or temper of the metal. This puts less stress on the metal and reduces oil canning so you get worry-free product.


We recognize that high performing products start with impeccably maintained equipment and a skilled workforce. We are proud to have a dedicated and caring workforce with an average tenure over 21 years.