REDUCE Our Carbon Footprint REUSE Manufacture Using Recycled Material RECYCLE Recycle Waste Material


Aluminum has been universally recognized as an important material within the building and construction industry. In fact, more than 75% of all aluminum ever manufactured is still in circulation. Aluminum can be recycled continually without losing quality. This constant recycling of aluminum saves 92% of the energy needed to refine new aluminum from ore.

We remain committed to this sustainability initiative by using recycled aluminum and steel in our manufacturing process and recycling our scrap year after year. Not only do we use aluminum and steel with recycled content we also source American materials from within 500 miles to help reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, all metal, oil and waste water generated during manufacturing are recycled.

  • Utilize recycled materials in our manufacturing process
  • Materials bought locally to reduce carbon footprint
  • Waste water and oil are recycled
  • Products are 100% recyclable

Alsco building products support sustainability initiatives.