11 Trending Exterior Home Design Ideas for 2024

In the ever-changing world of exterior design, staying up-to-date with the latest trends is crucial, whether you want to enhance the appearance of your existing residence or are eager to start a new construction project.

This curated collection of design trends will not only inspire you but can also empower you to express your personal style and aesthetic or meet your client's expectations. We explore everything from enduring favorites to contemporary transformations that are defining today's exterior design landscape.

1. Rustic Meets Modern: Embracing Cedar & Metal Roofing

The picture depicts a gray farmhouse with metal roofing and two brick chimneys. There are lavender bushes in the foreground.

In the dynamic landscape of home design, the fusion of cedar shake shingles with metal roofing is emerging as a beloved trend. This combination marries the rustic charm of cedar with the sleek, modern appeal of metal to offer homeowners a visually striking and durable roofing solution.

It not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also promises longevity and resistance to diverse weather conditions for a perfect balance between traditional elegance and contemporary resilience.

2. Textural Harmony: Crafting Depth and Character Through Mixed Materials

The picture depicts a cream, french-style farmhouse with a walkway and flowers in the front yard.

Elevate your home's exterior by embracing textural harmony, a design approach that combines varied textures like brick, wood and stucco. This design trend infuses depth and individuality into the façade to strike a balance between contemporary flair and timeless elegance. By mixing materials, homeowners can create visually intriguing exteriors that will stand the test of time.

3. Seamless Boundaries: Fostering Indoor-Outdoor Unity Through Design

The picture depicts an open concept house with a patio and large glass windows. There is a seating area inside the house as well as a privacy wall.

This is a design philosophy aimed at erasing the distinctions between indoor and outdoor living. By featuring large windows, sliding glass doors and embracing outdoor living spaces, this design trend enhances natural light and forges a harmonious relationship with nature by offering homeowners an immersive living experience that delicately balances the comforts of the indoors with the serenity of the outdoors.

4. Daring Entryways: Crafting a Bold First Impression with Statement Front Doors

The picture depicts a cottage style house with a red door. There is ivy growing up the chimney and around the door as well as two large bushes and a grass front yard.

Transform your home’s entrance into a visual masterpiece by accentuating your entryway. A vibrant coat of paint, complemented by unique details such as glass inserts or decorative hardware, allows your front door to make a bold statement and reflect your personality. This approach not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also ensures that your home leaves a lasting impression from the first step.

5. Warm Elegance: Enhancing Exteriors with Subtle Copper Touches

The picture depicts a copper roof of a home. The home has five windows on the front and side of the house as well as two chimneys.

Infuse warmth and timeless sophistication into your home by incorporating subtle copper touches. From gutters and downspouts to lighting fixtures and mailbox covers, copper accents effortlessly elevate the exterior aesthetics, offering a refined and inviting appearance to any home.

6. Timeless Elegance: The Enduring Appeal of Creamy White Exteriors

The picture depicts a far angle shot of a farmhouse style house in a field. The house has several windows as well as a wrap around porch with columns and two trees at the entryway.

Continuing to grace home exteriors with their classic charm, creamy white paint colors remain a favored choice among homeowners. Whether adorning painted brick or siding, neutral hues radiate a sense of cleanliness and sophistication, for a timeless elegance that can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of any dwelling.

7. Contemporary Revival: Reimagining Traditional Board and Batten Siding

The picture depicts a rustic bench and window on the front porch of a home. There is a potted plant in the corner of the photo.

Board and batten siding is undergoing a modern renaissance by calling upon traditional styles and materials but with a fresh twist. This technique features an alternating pattern of wide wood boards and smaller trim pieces and offers extensive color options to make it a versatile choice for various home styles.

To complete the aesthetic, homeowners can either match the soffit and trim coil with the siding or opt for a complementary color in order to add a layer of contrast and visual interest.

8. Daring Hues: Stand Out with Bold Siding Colors

The picture depicts one corner of a roof. The roof has an a-line window protruding and the siding on the window is a vibrant mustard color.

Ditch the conventional neutrals and let your home make a statement with bold siding colors such as deep blues, vibrant greens and rich reds. These striking shades will ensure that your residence stands out while upholding a refined aesthetic. With modern vinyl siding products, the possibilities for expressing individuality through vivid colors are endless.

9. Urban Edge: Infusing Homes with Industrial-Style Design Elements

The picture depicts a white modern style home with two levels and ample patio seating. The backyard has a pool with a marble surrounding and two lounge chairs are adjacent to the pool.

Give your home a distinct character by integrating industrial-inspired features like exposed brick, stone, metal cladding and expansive windows. This design trend imparts a touch of urban sophistication that can transform any property into a modern, edgy masterpiece that stands as a testament to innovative architectural expression.

10. Expanding Horizons: Crafting Inviting Outdoor Living Areas

The picture depicts a primarily wooden deck with wood lounge chairs and a wood seating area. Inside the house is a well lit, open concept dining room.

Transform your home by extending your living space into the great outdoors. Creating welcoming outdoor areas with features such as decks, patios or pergolas not only adds functional space for relaxation and entertainment but also enriches the overall living experience to blur the lines between indoor comfort and outdoor serenity.

11. Timeless Charm: Elevating Exteriors with Warm Wood Accents

The picture depicts the front steps and door of a rustic style farmhouse. There is a rocking chair and the front door is french-style.

The enduring trend of integrating wood accents continues to flourish by adding warmth and depth to home exteriors. Incorporating elements like wood headers over windows, porch posts, doors, shutters or even a full gable of natural wood shake can introduce a layer of timeless charm and texture that will help enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of any residence.

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