Double 6″ .019 Soffit

Properly installed soffit protects homes by ventilating the attic and eaves, thus eliminating excess moisture and heat that can damage your roof or contents stored within the attic space. ALSCO’s .019 soffit is available in the full Perfect Trim™ Plus color palette to complement any home’s exterior. The Perfect Trim Plus color package includes soffit, fascia, drip edge, roof moldings, trim coil and rain carrying systems to make it easy to create a custom trim package for any style home.



Product Code Profile Nominal Thickness (in) Length Per Piece (ft) Pieces Per Carton Sqs Per Carton Weight Per Carton (lbs) Net Free Air
ASVP12 Solid 0.019 12' 16 1.92 60 N/A
ALVP12 Vented 0.019 12' 16 1.92 60 14.09

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