Pipe Bands

Downspout Band

Downspout pipe bands secure downspouts to the sides of the house and are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and neutral to the style of the house.


Description Product Code Nominal Thickness (in) Pieces Per Carton Ship Weight Per Carton (lbs) Color Palette
Universal Downspout Pipe Band PB23 0.019 100 4 H
Color Palette H
034 Linen
050 Beige
055 Gray
60 Carmel
067 Jefferson Tan
200 Black
202 Royal Brown
204 Grecian Green
249 Bronze
253 Terratone
280 White
315 Barn Red
685 Savannah Wicker
752 Pebblestone Clay
902 Cobble Stone
D26 Charcoal Gray
TAD Almond
TMK Musket Brown
TWK 30 Degree White
TWL 80 Degree White




Alsco® Aluminum Rainware Accessories

Designed to work together

Alsco® Aluminum Rainware Accessories

Features & Benefits

  • Designed and tested to ensure efficient water runoff and improved drainage
  • Helps put an end to moisture problems
  • Ultimate strength in low-maintenance high-quality, heavy gauge aluminum
  • Unique Gutter-Tuff® Coating System formulated for easy cleaning, color retention and mar resistance
  • Industry Leading Warranty