Gutter Outlet

Gutter Outlets are used to create a connection from the gutter to the downspout.



Description Product Code Nominal Thickness (in) Pieces Per Carton Ship Weight Per Carton (lbs) Color Palette
2″x 3″ Rectangular Outlet OUT23 0.019 30 2 Mill
3″x 4″ Rectangular Outlet OUT34 0.019 50 4 Mill
3″x 4″ Oval Outlet OVAL34 0.019 50 4 Mill


Alsco® Aluminum Rainware Accessories

   Designed to work together

Alsco® Aluminum Rainware Accessories

Features & Benefits

  • Designed and tested to ensure efficient water runoff and improved drainage
  • Helps put an end to moisture problems
  • Ultimate strength in low-maintenance high-quality, heavy gauge aluminum
  • Unique Gutter-Tuff® Coating System formulated for easy cleaning, color retention and mar resistance
  • Industry Leading Warranty