Tips for Styling a House With Black Trim Coil

Home exterior design and curb appeal have never been more critical than right now. Whether you’re trying to sell your home, drive up property value or impress guests and neighbors, creating a stylish and luxurious home exterior is vital. One of the best ways to improve your home’s exterior design aesthetic is to protect wooden trim areas by using trim coil.

What is Trim Coil?

A tan house has white trim coil.

Trim coil is a versatile aluminum building material utilized to add finishing touches to your project. It comes in thin, coated aluminum sheets and is used to cover any exposed wood. When installed over wooden trim, it protects the wood by keeping moisture and excess heat from damaging the wood fibers. You can also make extra fascia, drip edge or metal strips to wrap doors, posts and windows out of trim coil to enhance your home’s design.

Trim coil is virtually maintenance-free, scratch-resistant and durable against inclement weather conditions and insects. Plus, it only requires an occasional wash with water and soap to stay clean.

How to Use Trim Coil

Trim coil can be used almost anywhere there’s wood exposed to the elements, and because wood is such a stylish and popular material among developers and designers, it’s used often. It makes trim coil an invaluable asset for exterior home design and material protection.

In addition to this incredible functional benefit, you can also utilize trim coil to elevate a home’s design aesthetic. Because it comes in various colors, you can use trim coil to add a unique contrast to your home’s exterior. Or, if you’re simply looking for a flawless way to enhance the curb appeal of your home, you can stick with a timeless, popular color choice — black.

The Benefits of Black Trim Coil

There are many benefits to black trim coil. From a psychological standpoint, black is a color that symbolizes power, elegance and sophistication. In addition, the strong contrast between black trim and lightly colored siding creates a stark dynamic that is pleasing to the eye. Plus, it’s a great way to instantly modernize a home.

Black also easily hides imperfections, so if your exposed wood is old and beginning to show its age, you can use black trim coil to conceal it. Lastly, black trim creates a frame for your home’s exterior by using clean lines to put your home design in perfect balance.

Design Examples That Show How Black Trim Coil Elevates a Home’s Exterior Style

Don’t just take our word for it. With home development and design, seeing is believing — that is why we’ve gathered a couple of examples to further illustrate the benefits of black trim coil.

1. Create Contrast and Brighten Your Design

This brick, one-story house utilizes black trim coil. There are six windows on the front of the home and mulched flower beds on each side of the front door.

This is the perfect example of a home that understands how black trim coil can create staggering contrast. The dark trim coil highlights the roof and creates a stark separation between the dark shingles, windows and the white siding. Though it may sound counterintuitive, the presence of black actually makes the lighter features appear brighter and cleaner.

2. Feature Black Trim To Create Focal Points

A white, two-story home has white siding. There is a pool and red chairs on the deck area.

This gorgeous home perfectly shows how black trim coil can draw attention right where you want it to. This luxurious white home has various, large windows and doors that are outlined with a black trim coil. Because of the stark contrast between the siding and the trim, these windows and doors immediately demand attention while creating clean lines that enhance the overall appearance of the home.

3. Use Dark Tones to Frame a Home’s Exterior

This large home has black trim coil. There are two large trees next to the home and a stone chimney.

This home illustrates how dark-toned trim can create a frame that outlines the rest of the home’s exterior. The dark trim coil along the roof and gables perfectly outlines the white siding. Plus, the designer of this home showed true expertise by carrying those same dark tones into additional design elements.

Design Examples Without Black Trim Coil

While many homes may utilize other colors, some homes would benefit significantly if black trim coil was utilized instead. Here are a couple of design examples without black trim to show the difference.

1. White-On-White Camouflages Detail

This two-story home has a concrete pad outside of the attached garage. The front door is off center, and there is an accent wall on the second floor.

The best part of this exterior is the accent wall, which creates a contrast that pulls your attention immediately to that part of the home. While that accent wall does its job of commanding attention, the rest of the design is a bit underwhelming because of the white siding and the white coil trim.

Unfortunately, due to the white-on-white design, a lot of the detail is lost, and the rest of the home’s design fades to the background. If the homeowner or contractor had used black trim coil to highlight and frame this focal point, it would instead pull your focus to other points of the home and create a standout design.

2. Pairing Light Colors Doesn’t Always Work

This one-story home has a light-colored siding, white trim and a light brown roof. There is a for sale sign in the front yard.

This home pairs cream-colored siding with white trim and a light brown roof. Because all these colors are so similar, the whole house becomes muted. If the homeowner had instead used black trim coil, they could’ve created distinct lines between the different colors, allowing them to shine independently.

If you find yourself in a similar position and would like to add colored trim coil to your home, you’re in luck. Adding trim coil is a simple process, so whenever you’re doing exterior upgrades, don’t miss an optimal opportunity.

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