What Is Trim Coil?

Aluminum trim coil is an extremely versatile building material that can be custom cut and bent on the job site for a perfect fit. This eliminates extra trips to the store for fascia, drip edge and metal to wrap your doors, windows and posts — saving valuable time and money. In addition, you’ll get clean, sharp edges, and you won’t have to settle for any damage associated with store-bought pre-bent metal.

What is Trim Coil?

Used to cover exposed wood trim on your home, trim coil is a thin sheet of aluminum that is typically covered with a polyester coating. It will protect the underlying wood by keeping heat and moisture from damaging the wood fibers in the trim. Coil stock is virtually maintenance-free, manufactured to naturally resist scratches and only requires occasional washing with water and soap. This makes it an excellent finish option for your customers.

When using trim coil, your tradesman can make exact cuts and bends for every application with a metal brake. Because of this, trim coil can be used to protect hard-to-reach, complex areas of the home.

Trim coil is typically manufactured from .019 gauge aluminum. This is thick enough to provide rigidity for wide pieces and still flexible enough to be fashioned on the job site with normal tools. Here at Alsco® Aluminum Building Products, we manufacture the coating on our Perfect Trim Plus trim coil from Dymalar 2000, an American-sourced aluminum product, and offer it in 50’ rolls.

The standard widths are 14” and 24”, and if you are involved in large commercial and residential work, it can also be purchased in pallet quantities. We produce our trim coil in colors to match leading siding manufacturers, allowing you to get a perfect match and impeccable exterior design.

What is Aluminum Trim Coil Used For?

What Is Aluminum Trim Coil Used For?

Trim coil is used in many applications, but it is mainly applied where wood is exposed to the elements. Wood in these locations normally requires frequent painting to maintain its integrity, so the aluminum is applied as a protective layer.

Roof Flashing and Drip Edge

When installing roof shingles, there are areas where you can utilize aluminum trim coil to add protection and beauty:

Sidewall Flashing

Flashing is required wherever the shingles or roof tiles meet a perpendicular wall to ensure water doesn’t penetrate the roof decking below. Instead of using unfinished, precut step flashing, trim coil can be purchased in matching or contrasting colors with the roof shingles to form an almost invisible line of step flashing. This small effort can distinguish you from the crowd of everyday roofing contractors.

Drip Edge

Drip edge is used to protect the edge of the roof deck from moisture penetration and to keep the shingles flat as they extend past the decking. This product is easily sourced at any local hardware store, but your choices are usually limited to white, black or brown.

Our Color Select tool can be used for finding colors that match siding manufacturers. If you know the brand and color of your siding, the Color Select tool can be used to find matching trim coil, as well.


When you discuss trim coil with most installers, using it for fascia typically comes to mind — and for good reason. Fascia extends around the entire perimeter of the home and up the rake boards, trimming the roof’s edge. Trim coil is a good way to have a clean finish to a home’s exterior while providing a layer of protection against weather conditions. When you use our trim coil, you’re getting high-quality material that can be cut to an exact length and will fit your project’s aesthetic.

However, an even better solution here than trim coil is pre-bent fascia. Pre-bent fascia is designed to eliminate water infiltration while adding a finished look to the home. In addition, pre-bent fascia makes the job easier for installers. Once the fascia is bent to the shape and size needed for the project, it is ready to be installed.

Frieze Boards

Frieze boards are another part of a home often made from wood that can benefit from the maintenance-free protection of aluminum trim coil. The frieze board is the piece of trim that goes between the top of the siding and the soffit. Our custom-cut trim coil solutions ensure you get the perfect fit the first time, eliminating unhappy clients and customer callbacks.

Post Wraps

Outside columns or posts are other parts of the home that are ideal candidates for aluminum trim coil. Bending the trim coil to cover these structural members is efficient and saves time, and it eliminates another painting project for you and your customer.

Window and Door Trim

Siding contractors and replacement window companies are often tasked with wrapping the brick mold around doors and windows with a trim coil. If your customer has upgraded their home with no-maintenance vinyl windows, they are trying to eliminate as much painting as possible. Our trim coil provides years of maintenance-free service, so homeowners can rest easy knowing that their future isn’t full of cleaning and material upkeep.

Installation Tips

We want you and your crew to get the best results when installing our aluminum trim coil. Here are a few tips from our professionals:

  • Don’t drive the nail too tight.

  • When possible, insert the top edge of coil stock underneath the sill trim to eliminate nailing.

  • Hemming the edge of any trim piece will add stiffness.

Alsco Aluminum Building Products is Focused on Top Quality

We pride ourselves on our top-notch manufacturing facilities, dedicated equipment lines, but most importantly, on our long-serving employees. We are motivated to produce high-quality materials with high-quality warranties — that’s why our product lines of trim coil, fascia, siding, soffit and rainware are all offered with a limited lifetime warranty so homeowners can have peace of mind knowing we have their back.

We are also invested in protecting the environment. We recycle all our scrap metal and try to source all our raw materials within 500 miles of our manufacturing plant — a quality that sets us apart from other building material manufacturers.

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