Should You Paint Exterior Trim the Same Color as Your House?

Deciding which color to paint your home’s exterior siding and trim can be challenging. There are a few schools of thought on this, and if you search online, you’ll undoubtedly find arguments for different ideas.

Before we answer the question definitively, let’s take a moment to discuss the different color options and the difficulties associated with them.

Using the Same Color vs. Contrasting Colors

Same Color

Using the Same Color

When deciding which color you should paint your exterior trim, you will most likely choose between two options. The first is using the same color as your exterior to make everything look uniform and create a clean, minimalistic aesthetic.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting Colors

The second option is to choose a different color that creates an exciting contrast, draws focus and creates crisp lines throughout your home’s exterior. As we said, you can find arguments for either side, but both options have their challenges.

The Difficulties of Color Matching

Color matching isn’t as straightforward as many people might think. For example, if your home is painted using a brand of paint that is no longer in production, you might have difficulty matching it. If your siding was painted years ago, the color might have faded or changed over time.

Complications like this can make color matching difficult. Fortunately, modern technologies have made color matching much more manageable than ten or twenty years ago.

The Difficulties of Choosing Contrasting Colors

Choosing contrasting colors may be exciting if you’re interested in creating unique lines and drawing attention to your exterior trim, but choosing the right color can be challenging. It has to be complementary to the rest of your home’s exterior, not just the siding.

Choosing a new paint color that perfectly complements the color of your siding can be super tricky, especially if you aren’t experienced in home design. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but we recommend approaching this option with caution.

5 Benefits of Painting Your House and Trim the Same Color

The simplest choice is often the wisest, and painting your exterior trim the same color as your house is a pretty simple decision.

Here are five additional benefits of painting your house and trim the same color:

1. Adding Height

Adding Height

As interior and exterior designers know, using a uniform color throughout a design will make a room appear larger. So, when you paint your trim the same color as your siding, you end up with a home that appears taller than it actually is.

This color trick can help you project a sense of luxury and extravagance that many people want in a home. Plus, it works on the interior, as well.

2. Embracing a More Elegant, Minimalist Look

Embracing a More Elegant, Minimalist Look

When you use the same color for both your siding and exterior trim, you embrace a simpler, more elegant design aesthetic. If you value a minimalist approach to home design, this is the ideal option for you. Sometimes, when it comes to exterior home design, one color is all that is needed.

3. Creating a Clean Backdrop

Creating a Clean Backdrop

Choosing to paint your trim and siding the same color also creates a clean backdrop for photographs, family pictures and decorations. So, whether you’re a person that loves taking group photos with your friends and family or you like to go all out with your holiday decorations, you’re better off painting your home’s exterior one color.

4. Needing Less Paint for Touch-ups

Needing Less Paint for Touch-ups

No matter the quality of your paint, you will always have to do touch-ups every now and then. If you only have one color you need to touch up, you only have to buy one bucket of paint. This will not only save you money in the long run, but it’ll also make the touchup process much easier.

5. Enhancing Contrast with Other Exterior Features

Enhancing Contrast with Other Exterior Features

If creating contrast for your home’s exterior is essential for your design aesthetic, painting your exterior trim and siding the same color may be the perfect option. This option allows you to add contrast in other places, like your front door, windows, roof, shutters or any other exterior element. There are many ways to add color contrast to your home, so don’t limit yourself to trim alone.

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