7 Exterior Home Design Ideas and Trends

If you’re building a new home or renovating home exteriors this year, look no further than these exterior home design ideas and trends. 2022 will see exciting color trends, a return to some comfortable classics and the incorporation of natural elements that create unique, one-of-a-kind designs that still feel familiar and inviting.

Check out these seven exterior home design ideas to see what we mean!

1. Color-Blocking

Color Blocking

One of the bolder trends that we’ll see in 2022 is color-blocking. This design approach is perfect for adding an element of interest to the exterior, but nothing too crazy to make people gawk instead of awe.

Color-blocking is a strategy where the majority of the house is painted one color — usually a more neutral, muted color — but certain sections are highlighted with a bright and vibrant color.

To achieve a seamless color-blocked look, getting the trim just right is an essential design element. Ensuring the soffit and trim coil colors correspond to the exterior colors means that different colors may need to be used in different sections. So, choosing soffit and trim coil that will match leading siding brands will make the process go smoothly and allow you to capture one of the cooler exterior home design trends.

2. Traditional White Farmhouse with Bold Accents

Traditional White Farmhouse with Bold Accents

For all the excitement around color, the traditional white farmhouse look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, adding bold accents will help keep the design on-trend and also add an exciting element to the traditional style.

Colorful shutters set against the stark white siding and window trim coil add an element of sophistication and elevate the design using exterior home color design ideas.

3. The Gray Revolution

The Gray Revolution

Monochromatic gray designs have become synonymous with cool, calm relaxation and blend traditional design with contemporary home exterior design ideas. White accents add a brightness that enhances the design and avoids being too matchy-matchy.

Traditional home styles often include decorative roof brackets situated below soffit, creating an opportunity for another monochromatic moment or a chance for the colors to complement each other.

4. Natural Elements

Natural Elements

It seems that, increasingly, people are finding comfort and solace in nature and natural elements for their exterior modern home design ideas. The many windows allow natural light to flow into the home, and the wood accents create warmth in the design.

Paired with other modern elements like mixed-material utilization and nods to tradition with simple columns, natural elements create a sense of grounding and calm in the home’s exterior. To further enhance this look, expertly matched soffit and trim coil protect the underlying structure of the home from the elements.

5. Cedar Shake Shingles and Metal Roofing

A two-story home with light tan siding, darker tan details, and white soffits.

To take natural, modern home design ideas even further, cedar shake shingles and metal roofing materials are becoming a go-to for style and sustainability. Since cedar shake shingles are manufactured with cedar, a renewable resource, they contribute to creating a sustainable home.

Metal roofing typically has a longer lifespan than asphalt shingles and is the roof of choice for those wanting to reduce maintenance and increase sustainability.

Regardless of the type of shingles or roofing, modern exterior home design ideas can blend seamlessly into the overall exterior design with the use of expertly manufactured soffit and trim coil. At Alsco®, our manufacturing process is focused on sustainability by using recycled aluminum that is sourced within 500 miles of our Illinois manufacturing center.

6. Vertical Siding

Exterior Home Design Ideas

Exterior modern home design ideas are calling to mind traditional styles and materials and giving them a modern twist. Board and batten siding is created with an alternating pattern of wide wood boards and smaller trim pieces that cover the gaps.

It can be painted any color, so it’s a popular choice for a wide range of home styles — and to finish the look, the soffit and trim coil can match the color of the siding or use a complementary color to create some contrast.

7. Mix It Up with Different Materials

Mix It Up with Different Materials

One of the things about exterior home design ideas in 2022 is that they can be mixed and matched to create a truly unique style that is still on-trend. Vertical and horizontal siding can be combined to maximize visual interest, wood elements add warmth, bright colors can be used alongside dark colors, color blocking highlights interesting design features — the sky's the limit.

To bring the entire design together, the soffit and trim coils can blend in with the design or add a new visual element depending on the color you choose.

Alsco Keeps You on Trend with A Wide Array of Colors

To ensure that you find the perfect color for your project, Alsco ensures that our Color Select® trim coil compliments the colors of leading siding manufacturers. Our soffit panels also come in a range of colors that will blend with or complement siding and roofing.

Contact us today to discuss trim coil and soffit panel options that will fit with your exterior home design ideas.